Andartak [IS]


When I step on stage as Andartak, I use my analog hardware (a drum machine and a few synthesizers) to make the invisible atmosphere, that’s already there, available for the audience to experience through the soundscape of the instruments.

I don’t use a computer and the music flows directly through me on the spot, that way I feel more connected to what I am doing and as well as I manage to put myself into a meditative state, I bring the audience with me.

From a genre perspective, you could call it electro or techno. But it has a strong organic feel to it. I have been using the phrase: Meditational Techno. The type of music that you can both dance to, and zone out, like the brain is having a massage. (see the two latest uploads on my soundcloud link.)

I seek to portray a visual journey, whether through the physical experience or the minds eye.