Aron Can [IS]


Aron Can is on a mission to give the game a fresh approach. At only 17 he’s on the rise as one of Icelands hottest hiphop artists. He started writing rhymes at the tender age of 12 and since then he’s been actively at it. He released his first track “Klink” in 2015 but his first breakthrough track was “Þekkir Stráginn” which earned him a performance at celebrated Reykjavik HipHop showcase night “Ís í Brauðformi”. Since then he’s released his first album on Spotify “Þekkir Stráginn” named after his 2016 hit and performed at numerous shows including his Secret Solstice 2016 debut. He aims to bring his patented approach to the rap game to a wider audience and is all about bringing a more emotional and positive good vibe approach to the Icelandic scene. Definitely one to watch for from now and you can expect big things from his Secret Solstice 2017 performance.