B-Ruff and Friends


B-Ruff is one of Iceland’s most notorious hip-hop dj´s and has been in the scene for over 18 years. He is a member of the Forgotten Lores Hip-Hop collective, a resident dj at Prikið, Húrra, Dolly and Kaffibarinn in downtown Reykjavik and hosts his own radio show Tetriz which focuses on 90’s golden era hip-hop. He’s travelled all over the world doing gigs in New York, London, Berlin, Porto and Denmark as well as playing festivals such as By:Larm and Roskilde. He’s shared a stage with numerous artists including Snoop Dogg, Pete Rock, 50 Cent, Hudson Mohawke, and A-Trak. He has an uncanny abilty to fill any dancefloor he gets his decks on. B-Ruff became a Iceland champion in dj competiton in routine section 2004.

His new set is compiled with bouncy dreamy beats with a hiphop twist. And then to special J-Dilla routine Includeing scratches and beat juggles.

Appearances by the great trompet player Ari Bragi, Matty on the vocal/singing and Charlie Marlowe raps, makes the set very powerful and focused.

Ari Bragi: Most recently Ari has been collaborating with pianist Eyþór Gunnarsson (Mezzoforte). They also share a role in the newly formed band “Annes” that is a band formed by some of Iceland’s most heavyweight improvisers. Ari has recorded and worked with artists such as Norah Jones, Jeff Tain Watts, Bob Mintzer, Ane Brun, Sam Yahel, Tigran Hamaysian, Grizzly Bear, Sigur Rós, Hjaltalín, the Reykjavik Big Band and saxophone player Jóel Pálsson. In addition to a flourishing music career is Ari also an award-winning Athlete. He is currently in the Icelandic national team for Track and Field for the 100m sprint. Ari Bragi works with B-Ruff and Dillalude with great success.

Awards: The international Interlochen Maddy Award for outstanding musicianship – first prize Young Nordic Jazz Comets – second prize The Icelandic Music Awards – most promising artist of the year

Charlie Marlowe: Is known for his bands Original Melody and Cheddy Carter. They believe that the music is their biography, so here´s a link to it J

Original Melody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6bVcWj24gE

Cheddy Carter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0jZ8-93kYE

Matty: Matthildur is born in 1994 and has been studying music since the age of six on the piano, the violin and singing. She has appeared on various occasions events and most recently on Sonar Reykjavík. At the moment Matthildur is working on an upcoming debut record.