Bam Margeras Earth Rocker


Jackass Bam Margera created a band through the musical knowledge of his brother Jess, drummer of cKy, and his involvement with MTV throughout 2 decades.  His favorite musician, Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks and Iggy Pop, agreed to come out of retirement and join Bam and his band Fuckface Unstoppable on their Australian tour, this creating Earth Rocker.  More additions to the newly formed band of musical influences followed, with Jussi 69 of The 69 Eyes and Chuck Treece of McRad and Bad Brains coming on board.  Rounding of the band are Matty J also of cKy, Rubbish Heap aka Alex Flamsteed of Guttermouth, and Rich Vose hailing from Bam and Jess’s first band, Gnar Kill.  Also along are Bam’s wife Nikki and Andy’s wife Angela from the Van Halen Hot For Teacher video