Beatmakin Troopa [IS]


Pan Thorarensen (born 12th January 1981) is better known by his solo artist name Beatmakin Troopa. Pan has made a history in Icelandic music scene having released many albums and side projects in the past 12 years and is well known and respected for his works.

This year, Beatmakin Troopa is working on a new album and has gathered a live band with a bunch of brilliant musicians. Their first live show will be performed at the Secret Solstice Festival in June.

Pan is also one of band members of the electronic trio Stereo Hypnosis with his father Óskar Thorarensen & the composer Þorkell Atlason, they have released five albums.

For the past seven years Stereo Hypnosis has been touring to various countries around the globe. They are also leading promoters in the Icelandic electronic scene and founders of the Extreme Chill Festival.