BORG LTD is an independent record label and DJ duo from Reykjavik, with the focus on delivering leftfield house music and club sounds bearing a distinct influence from the UK and Netherlands.

Behind the label are Áskell and Ómar E, each having near countless sets, shows and back to backs under their belts.

BORG’s success is in big parts thanks to the passion for building a better local scene in Reykjavík, introducing international standards and talents from abroad to the Icelandic underground scene. This has led them to Berlin and London through to Amsterdam, picking up influences and nuances along the way to shape their current output.

The BORG sound is inspired by old-school house and garage with a modern, technical sounding production. Rumbling bass, a heavy groove and out-of-this-world sounds.

Boasting a repertoire of vinyl releases, featuring artists like Frits Wentink, Alex Agore, Organ Grinder and Locklead, the BORG journey has just begun.