Bróðir BIG [IS]


Bróðir BIG is a 24 year old Hip-Hop emcee active in the underground scene in Iceland.

His music is best described as an old school 90´s style boom bap Hip-Hop.

Bróðir BIG first started performing live in 2015 after being writing rhymes steady since the age of 17.

After doing a few shows with a long time friend and Rappþulu(annual rap contest) winner, Zimba, Bróðir started working with a lot of underground producers such as Gráni, Morgunroði, TaktFasTur PróFasTur, BRR and A Cult of One. Since then he has made a whole lot of songs that still have not been released and have only been heard live so far.

Bróðir BIG´s first work was a 4 song EP, called Grímur (Masks), released in August 2015. On that album he borrowed instrumentals from the legendary Madvillainy album. Since then he has released a few songs. Both solo and collaborations with fellow underground hiphop artists. He is currently finishing another 4 song EP set for release in April called Núll Níu Týpu Skítur (´09 Type Shit). All lyrics on that EP were written in 2009 when Bróðir first started writing poetry. He is also putting the finishing touch on the lyrics for his first full length LP aswell as planning a few more EP´s with several Icelandic producers. In addition to all of that he has recently started the Hip-Hop group HÁSTAFIR with MC Bjór, Morgunroði and Gráni and they have started work on what will hopefully turn into an LP.

Bróðir has been performing regularly at underground Hip-Hop events in Reykjavík, such as PowaqaSirkús and Artivist Events´s Throwdown, for the last year and continuous to do so to this day.