Secret Solstice 2016 is already going to be an extremely special event, with 72 hours of sun, geothermal pool parties, and the world’s only gig inside a glacier. However, there’s a way to experience it at the ultimate level, which has just gone on sale… The Óðinn (named after the Norse All-Father) Super-VIP pass is […]

In our second year, we’ve aimed to bring a better festival experience to everyone, and one of the thing affected has been making more available to every ticket holder, as well as adding an additional all-included ticket type. To make things easy for those of you who may be struggling to decide what ticket is […]

From the very start, our biggest foreign audience for Secret Solstice has been our incredible guests from the UK. And because of that, we thought it was about time to put together a list of packages and information for travel, accommodation, experiences, and just about everything else you might need to know when planning your […]