Yes, we know the first of next month is April Fool’s Day, but there aren’t any jokes here — this coming Wednesday, we’ll be dropping the next huge lineup announcement for Secret Solstice 2015. No jokes, no lies. Only more names to be added… Although we gave you a taste of our new lineup when we […]

If you were one of the ones lucky enough to score a Secret Solstice 2015 ticket for the discounted price of 15,900kr before we raised the price, you made an awesome decision. Mainly because if you weren’t aware, we’ve now slightly increased the price to 17,900 ISK (approx £87/$133/€120), though for a VERY limited time. […]

By now we know you’ve made the decision to come to Secret Solstice 2015. Seriously, who wouldn’t wanna party in 72 hours of never-ending daylight? And before we announce our first major lineup of artists coming this Tuesday, there’s something important you should know… If you don’t already have your ticket for Secret Solstice 2015, […]