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Cell7 [IS]


Cell7 [IS]

Ragna is also known as Cell7. She is a rapper, songwriter and sound engineer, and released her first solo album Cellf in 2013. The album received outstanding reviews and was mentioned on most national lists for the best Icelandic albums of the year 2013. Moreover, the album received the Kraumur Music Award, chosen by a diverse panel of experienced Icelandic music and radio journalists.

Although Cellf was Cell7’s first solo album, she is no stranger to the music scene. At only 17, she made a permanent mark as she and her band Subterranean released the first Icelandic hip hop album Central Magnetizm.

Late 2017 Cell7 released a music video to the single City Lights from the forthcoming album and safe to say, it caught peoples attention and paved the way for what’s to come. Cell7 is currently working on her new album due to be released summer 2018. Her second album promises a fresh new and updated approach to the hip hop genre since it has evolved significantly throughout the years.