Even though originally formed in 2012 as a thrash metal/disco duo, Cyber is now known as the rap duo and ongoing musical project of Bleach Pistol/Sick Roma (Salka Valsdóttir) and JuniorCheese/YNG NICK (Jóhanna Rakel) along side their dj, SURA (Þura Stína/Anton Rubio). The band was named after a lipstick that both members found themselves owning when they became best friends in their sixteens. Now they have released their debut EP named ‘Crap’ which contains 7 tracks, some of them pumped, some of them sad and nostalgic but all of them a bit weird. On new years 2016/2017 the duo released the 3 track EP BOYS which was created (recorded, composed, written and mixed) in two days and is a bit more on the dance-side. The Cyber girls promise an exciting show where crazy visuals will be on display, Aerobic routines will be tought and just some general good rhymes!