Leave Ya [FR]


Livia Giammaria started her DJ career in 2005 soon after she finished directing her first documentary on the story of electronic music starring Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Satoshi Tomiie and James Holden among others.

Since then her passion for electronic music has never stopped growing, feeding her record collection and playing her eclectic and melodic set in many clubs around the world. As a vocalist she collaborated in 2012 on Jamie Jones album «Tales from the crypt» on the label Crosstown Rebels. She started to produce her own music under the name of Leave Ya as she worked together with the young promising talent Johnny Deepp on the track «Voyelles» released in 2015 on the label Downpitch Recordings.

As a logical continuation for her interest for sound and image along DJing she also directs music videos, documentaries and videos for festivals.