Emmsjé Gauti [IS]


Emmsjé Gauti is a veteran when it comes to the Icelandic rap game. After honing his talent for the last 14 years in Reykjavik’s small but vibrant and competitive rap scene, he released his debute album back in 2010 titled “Bara Ég” that translates into “Only Me”. His first album has an eclectic balance between flamboyant pop, humor and unadulterated rhyming skills. His debute established Gauti as one of the most exiting act’s of Icelandic hiphop. In 2013 Gauti released his second solo album  called “ÞEYR”. “ÞEYR” is a darker, heavier release than his first outing and showcases the growth of the artist. After ÞEYR a couple of singles followed and in 2016 he released “Vagg og Velta”. “Vagg og Velta” has really changed the game here in Iceland and singles like “Strakarnir”, “Silfurskotta” and “Reykjavik” have all gained massive airplay in Iceland and impressive streaming numbers.

2016 is a big year for Gauti and he just released a mixtape called 17. November. Gauti’s live show is one of the best in Iceland. It’s hard to describe the energy on stage and it’s just something that people will have to experience it in person.