Gísli Pálmi [IS]


Gísli Pálmi is a young producer & rapper from Reykjavik. Known for his explosive performances and a hard earned reputation for going where no one else has dared to go. He has led Iceland from its pre-historic 90´s based hip-hop scene to an exciting new world of booming bass and chiming synths. He’s the only one committed to this type of slowed-down, double tempo, club-inflected trap music in Iceland and the first hip hop artist in the country to really take advantage of the social media/mix tape game, releasing a relentless stream of singles via YouTube and building up an extremely dedicated group of followers, still with no album in sight. Leaving behind a highly controversial lifestyle, he gives us an in depth view of his world in his unique productions. Gísli Pálmi selftitled debut album was released in 2015 and received critical acclaim in the Icelandic music scene.