GKR’s lyrics are based on his life experiences. Most of his songs have catchy hooks with unique rap flows over hard hitting 808’s that include a combination of euphoric and melancholic melodies.

From working with up and coming producers here in Iceland to working with big producers worldwide, proves his forward thinking, producers that GKR has worked with include:

-Cam (Known for Cocoa Butter Kisses by Chance the Rapper)

-Purpdogg (Known for We Made It by Drake and Soulja boy)

-SAP (Known for Donald Trump by Mac Miller)

-JGramm (Known for Upper Echelon by Travis Scott)

plus many more

GKR is not afraid to be himself, he is rich of emotion and has an unattainable amount of energy when it comes to creating. He embraces the element of surprise and wants to have an big impact whenever his voice is heard.

“If you not, like, one of the hottest people where you from and I mean, whatever you doing, you got talent, your talented for real and this shit is hot”

-Cardiak about GKR’s track “BALLIN”

Cardiak is a producer best known for producing songs like:

-Diced Pineapples by Rick Ross ft. Drake and Wale

-Amsterdam by Rick Ross

GKR recently started doing live shows in Reykjavík and performed at Prikið which is a stable for Icelandic hiphop. His performance turned heads in the Icelandic scene best described by this review:

GKR proved to be one of Reykjavik’s most up and coming MC when he hit the stage at “Ís í brauðformi”, a bi-monthly, all things HipHop gig held at Prikið. Standing in front of a crowd of at least 100 people rapping live for the first time ever, you could just about hear the confidence hit him approximately two songs into his 20 minute long set. The crowd had done its homework and he obviously has a strong following already. Turnt up for that, rocking an Ericsson 2001 cellphone around his neck GKR delivered his material in style and with an unexpected aggression and fluency. Looking forward to stay following his progression. NEWCHOPPA!