Helgi Björnsson


Born in 1958, graduated from the Drama Academy of Iceland in 1983.

That same year he started acting in films and on the stage and started touring with Grafík, his first rock-band. Divided his work between film, stage and music the next years. And has been one of Icelands most popular rock singer and actor up to this date.

Created and opened the most popular restaurant and bar in Reykjavík up to that date in 1995, called ASTRO.

In 1999 he took part in creating a new television station in Iceland called SkjárEinn (Screen One) whose main emphasis was on Icelandic programs.

He worked there till the end of 2003 as a marketing manager.

In the year 2003 he formed a production company: “The Mogul” with Jón “Nonni”


In 2006 they opened along with their German partners the grand theater complex Admiralspalast and have been running it since.