Högni [IS]

At Just 30 Högni Egilsson is an accomplished multi-instrumental musician, he regularly writes composes and performs with Icelandic bands Hjaltalin, Gus Gus and Gluteus Maximus. His composing credits most notably include music and songs for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s critically acclaimed production of The Heart of Robin HoodAngels of the Universe at the Icelandic National Theatre and most recently the score for 2013 film Days of Gray

Earlier this year debut of Egilsson’s solo work as HE at Sonar Reykjavík, and a full album release is due later in the year. His album promises to be a narrative driven piece exploring the light and shade of the mind and what it means to be a creature capable of feeling. His unique approach to composition will combine the emotive sounds of a 40-piece male choir, signature string and electro driven phrases coupled with his distinctive voice HE will explore an optimistic darkness.