Hormónar [IS]

Hórmónar (Whoremoans) is a new Icelandic band that consists of five friends that wanted to start a project. The idea of the band was that even though most of the members didn’t have that much of musical training, they decided to do it anyway. The groups work ethic is based behind the belief that creating music should not be limited to those well acquainted with the process, and to go beyond their own comfort zone. They have a wide range of influences, but consider themselves first and foremost a punk band that’s not afraid to think outside the box and go into experimental territory. The band consists of Brynhildur Karlsdóttir (vocals), Urður Bergsdóttir (bass and back up vocals), Örn Gauti (drums), Katrín Guðbjartsdóttir (guitar) and Hjalti Torfason (Saxophone/noise) The band started in late December of 2016 in a garage in a small town in Iceland called Garðabær.