Been making music from when I got a 2 deck cassette player. Used to make looped beats of Public enemy along with a Casio keyboard. It´s kind of like a diary process for me, no ending and no restrictions.

From then I moved onto a PC with pretty primal setup, whatever I could get my hands on. First release I did was for Sigurros, a remix for their first album´s re-made album. Two days before the release I decided to call myself ILO. Múm and some other Icelandic artists were my fellow travellers.

From then switching from my art school education to music I did an album for Thule Records along with quite a few remixes and odd things around 1999 – 2002-ish.

Since getting to know the commercial world of music I´ve always respected the anonymity of electronic music. You do what you want instead of someone telling you what to do. A free flowing world of ideas and technology. Hence random releases and bootlegs in recent years, amongst them a bootleg of New Music´s “Warp” along with some random one sided 12″ made for friends and meant for friends.