Important Update On RFID

It’s the final day of Secret Solstice 2018, so remember to use all of the credit on your wristbands at one of our bars or delicious vendors today.

With our special offer if you don’t get to spend everything on your band, the unused credit can be doubled and put towards the cost of a ticket for Secret Solstice 2019.
Find out how when our link goes live from 6pm Tuesday 26th of June until Sunday 8th July 2018.
Refund link for credit will be available soon,
The online refund period is open from Tuesday 26th June until Sunday 8th July 2018.
You will need to enter the  unique 14 character code on your wristband  (so keep hold of it) and the details of the bank account where you want your credit to be refunded.
For more info come see us at the top up booth by the Maingate between 6pm and 11pm today

Secret Solstice Goes Cashless for 2018


Introducing a faster and easier way for you to experience our festival! Be part of a first for the Iceland music scene, with our new cashless payment system.

Our festival is all about celebrating the beautiful Icelandic summer solstice with good music, good times and new experiences with the best company. We don’t think lots of long queues, counting coins and carrying lots of cash in your pockets should keep you from enjoying this to the max. So we wanted to change that in 2018 by becoming Iceland’s first and only cashless music festival.

This means that for the first time ever all our bars, shops, food trucks and facilities services inside the festival will only accept 100% cashless payments. Everyone can pay contactless using a special RFID wristband as easily as do with your contactless mobile phone. (For our international friends that also means you can change less currency with pre-festival and auto top-ups).

So how does cashless payment work and what is the contactless wristband?

Our new cashless payment system will make your transactions inside the festival quicker and easier.  You make payments with one simple item, your encrypted wristband. You can top-up your wristband with credit online through your cashless account before you arrive and whilst you’re on-site. To pay simply hold your wristband flat on the reader at all our vendors and bars for a few seconds, a successful payment will show and you’re ready to go. As a great new feature, you can even keep track of your transactions online, so you can always find the name of your favourite shop on-site.

Why is Secret Solstice going cashless?

As the first festival in Iceland to go fully cashless, we’re dedicated to improving our services, festival security and your experience. By moving to cashless payments we can offer a more convenient and safer way for you to pay for all your festival needs without the burden of carrying cash, searching for cash machines or worrying about lost money. Plus with added incentives for topping up before the festival, what’s not to love.

To set up your cashless account and register your wristband go to our website with your ticket number ready and follow the instructions in the cashless section. There will also be top-up points inside the festival that you can use your cash or credit card to add money to your wristband. You can set up automatic top-ups so you always have credit on your wristband.

When you arrive at Secret Solstice Festival and scan your ticket at the entrance of the festival, you’ll receive your wristband from a member of staff.

Our cashless top-up system is open now so you can start adding your money straight away. To celebrate our new, more efficient payment system we’re running an exciting limited time offer, top-up 10,000kr before June 20th and get two drinks free (valid for beer, wine and cider only)!

We know you might have some more questions about how this new service works, so please see our FAQs below. If you think you have a question we haven’t answered in our FAQs, you can get in touch via rfid-info@secretsolstice.is


What does cashless mean?

Cashless is a payment system that makes transactions inside the festival faster and easier. You’ll have a wristband that you can top-up with the money that you plan to spend and then use it at any bar, shop and food truck inside the festival area. At the end of the festival you’ll be able to recover the remaining balance on-site or online.

Where do I get my wristband?

A member of staff will put on your wristband when you scan your festival ticket at the entrance of the festival.

How do I add money to my wristband?

There are two ways to add money/credit to your wristband, online (via our website and the Secret Solstice app) and at the top-up point on-site during the festival.

Adding money online can be done both before and during the festival. To top-up online before the festival, go to our website and follow the instructions in the cashless section. You will need your email and ticket number to register and start topping up your wristband.

Adding money to your wristband on-site during the festival can be done via the top-up point inside the festival area. Go to any top-up booth and pay in cash or by credit card. We recommend topping up online for an even faster process. Download the Secret Solstice mobile app and you can access your cashless wallet.

Are there different options for online top-ups?

When you go to the cashless section of our festival website, the homepage of your personal account will show you all the top-up options available. These include different top-up packages or specific products.

When you choose a top-up package, you can also decide if you want to do one-time manual top-ups or set up automatic top-ups. Manual top-ups are a one-time payment that top-up your wristband with a selected amount allowing you to manually control your top-ups. When you have spent your balance and this amount run outs, you’ll have to top-up again online or on-site.

Automatic top-ups automatically top-up your wristband each time your balance goes below zero so you always have enough money on your wristband.

The top-up options may include different top-up amounts and/or specific products. Watch out for offers that may be available to you for higher top-up options.

How do I register online to top-up?

To top-up online you go to the cashless section of our website and register with your email and ticket number.

Once you’ve registered, from the homepage of your personal account you’ll be able to select the top-up option that you prefer, add it to the basket and pay with your credit card.

If you’re already inside the festival and you don’t have a ticket number to register online, you can still register using the unique code that you can find on the back of your wristband. Using the Secret Solstice app you can access your cashless wallet to top-up online.

I registered online but didn’t receive the confirmation email, what can I do?

If you don’t receive the confirmation email, check in your spam folder as it may have ended up there. If it’s not in your spam folder and doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes, send an email to our customer service and we will get back to you asap.

How much should I top-up on my wristband/card?

You can top-up your wristband with the amount that you want, but we suggest that you put enough money for your entire visit, so you don’t have to think about your balance and means you don’t have to go back to the top-up point again if you run out of credit.

Can I top-up multiple wristbands with the same account?

It is not possible to top-up multiple wristbands with the same account. Both the account and your wristband are personal to you and you can have only one single wristband connected to each account. If you need to top-up multiple wristband, please create as many accounts as you require wristbands for using a different email address for each of them.

Where can I use my wristband?

You can use it at every bar, shop, food truck and facilities service on the festival site. As a completely cashless festival, your wristband is the only way to make payments and is the only method of payment accepted inside the festival.

How do I pay with my wristband?

Paying with your wristband takes three easy steps:

  1. Place your wristband on the reader
  2. Hold it there for a few seconds (minimum 2 seconds)
  3. Wait to see the successful payment and enjoy your treat!

What happens if I don’t have enough credit on my wristband?

If the balance on your wristband is too low, you won’t be able to pay. The operator will direct you to top-up at any of the top-up booths and will indicate your nearest top-up point. Or for top-ups on the go, you can top-up online by accessing your cashless wallet via the Secret Solstice .If you selected an automatic top-up online, you’ll never need to top-up during the festival, as your balance will update automatically.

I’m not sure the balance on my wristband is correct, how can I check?

At each location and before/after every transaction, you can check the remaining balance on your wristband.

If you have doubts about any past transactions, you can go to the InfoPoint at the festival and ask for your full transaction history. You can also keep an eye on your balance yourself using your personal account. On occasion there may be connectivity issues on the devices used at the festival. This means there might be a slight delay in updating the transaction history that you see online or at the InfoPoint. In this case, please wait until the end of the day to get your confirmed transaction history.

How do I see my transactions?

One of the great features of your wristband, is that you can keep track of your transactions during the festival as well as your balance. Go online to see the latest update of your transactions.

Does my wristband have a limit or expiration date?

Your wristband will be valid for the entire duration of the festival and you can use it as many times as you want. For security reasons, the maximum amount you can have on the wristband is 500€ at a time.

What if my wristband stops working?

Firstly check your balance as this could be the reason. A faulty chip on your wristband is not very common Your wristband is also water and sun resistant so the 96 hours of sun or any rain are no problem for your wristband so they will last through the festival with you. If there are any problems with your wristband there will be staff on site to quickly sort any issues with your wristband.

What happens if my wristband is lost or stolen?

Your wristband is attached with a barrel lock so should stay tightened and secure on your wrist. If you lose it or it gets stolen, you can go to the InfoPoint and ask for a new one. You’ll be asked to show your ticket and given a new wristband. We will block your old wristband and transfer the balance.

I’m a bit unsure about using this new payment system, is cashless safe?

Yes, safety is important to us. Your wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption from Playpass that makes using your wristband safe and impossible to copy or steal the money or any information stored on it.

How can I get an online refund?

The online refunds period is open from Tuesday 26th June until Sunday 8th July 2018.

During this time you will find a link to the refund form on our festival website. On this form you will need to enter the  unique 14 character code that is listed on the back of your wristband and the details of the bank account where you want your money to be refunded. We will refund your money within a couple of weeks after the closing date of the refund period.

Why does your refund page show a lower balance than the amount left on my account at the end of the festival?

The refund system automatically calculates the correct refundable balance. Any money that you received for free as an incentive or a gift can’t be refunded.