Intr0beatz is a veteran of the Icelandic underground scene. His interest in music started at an early age as he was influenced and inspired by his father, a songwriter and a jazz lover.
Inspired by the seemingly endless source of new directions in rhythms and sounds of the 90´s, Intr0beatz started out as a turntablist but got his hands on his first beat machine in 1998 and never looked back, although the turntabling has always played it’s part up to this day. Today he‘s known for his contribution to the hip hop scene.
As a member of one of most respected hip hop groups in Iceland, Forgotten Lores, he’s also crafted beats and been a dj for some of the best rap artists in Iceland. In 2011 Intr0beatz released his first electronic solo album, Halftime on Möller Records, and from that point felt the urge to dig even deeper into his love for the sounds of the 90´s.
Intr0beatz now attacks the stage with his interpretation of funky soulful house music and has garnered a reputation as a go to DJ in the Icelandic scene. He has a forthcoming EP in February on Shur-I-Kans London based label “Dark Energy Recordings” entitled “The Process”. Definitely one to watch for!