Jakobsson is a music project that started out as Stefán Atli Jakobsson solo project . Although Jakobsson has written most of his music himself, his brother Garðar Ingi Jakobsson has participated in most of the the creative process, and has therefore helped Jakobsson with the arrangements, including programming and composing most of the drum beats. Later, after the project started to evolve and expand, Jakobsson had to get some people to help him to perform his works live. So he talked to some people that he already knew to help him with the live performance. To name phew of the instrument players, we have, Pétur Daníel, Michael Boudreau, Hjalti Steinn Sigurðarson, Skarphéðinn Smárason, And the latest, is his collaboration with the accordionist Margrét Arnardóttir. Out of those people, Hjalti is the only one who has been with Jakobsson from the beginning, after he started performing his music live. The best description of the "Jakobsson" project is, organic melodies with flowing bassgrooves and beats. "I get my musical influences from all around, it can be all from Afx twin, Björk and modern house music to ethnic influences