JoaqoPelli [US]


Joaquin JoaqoPelli Montoya is a Native American Sioux Lakota and Basque Gypsy, it is through these ancient roots he learned the art of native flute playing.

He crafted his sound by playing music in ayahuasca and peyote ceremonies all over the world, now at the age of 33 he has participated in close to 1000 ceremonies, the ceremonial music path started in the amazon of Brazil when he was 11 years old.

For the past three years he has shifted his focus to playing at many amazing music festivals on the west coast to Central America. He mixes ancient flute playing techniques with modern day music production to create a beautiful tribal electric sound that is all his own!

He cannot wait to share his music with you! “The music I play has been giving to me by the creator over many years of learning how be a conduit of light, life is amazing and so beautiful!!!!”-JoaqoPelli