Kamera is a new signing to Phantasy, set to embark on another, altogether different outsider’s journey, creating unique and uncompromising music that aims to exist in it’s own world, in it’s own form, and it’s own context.

The necessary alias of an established recording artist, Kamera practises the freedom of production without the pressures of dancefloor expectation. Nonetheless, the sound thus far pushes in a deeply physical direction, albeit one influenced by recording techniques, process and experimentation as much as melody. Influenced by bands such as Sunn o))), Fugazi, Autechre, Sabres of Paradise, and indeed any music that “generally doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense”, Kamera’s rich sonic space was part born in rural Yorkshire, eventually coming to fruition in the wintery Majorca sunshine.

Despite the audible drone of a post punk and hardcore heritage, Kamera’s layers of noise have already proven irresistible on the most locked in and open minded dancefloors, building around unusual grooves that recall techno at it’s most industrial and thematically ambitious. Debuting on Phantasy with a remix of Erol Alkan’s shimmering recent single ‘Sub Conscious’, Kamera takes the track’s acidic origins and threatens to overpower with layers of stunning feedback that drag the listener in further still.

Exhibiting shades of the all encompassing attitude of early Warp as well as a tinge of techno industrialism that might not sound out of you place in the hands of the most underground tastemakers, Kamera’s enigmatic sound will unfold in full on a full EP through Phantasy in early 2015.