Kilo [IS]


Kilo [IS]

Kilo is an Icelandic rapper who raps in English and Icelandic. He has been recording and performing his solo material for the past 16 years. His breakout song MAGNIFICO came out in October 2016 and has been enjoying success since then. His debut album came out last year called ”White boy of the year” with popular tracks like Trap out and Chain Swang… his new album Gran Jefe will be out before Secret Solstice exclusively on Spotify.

He is known to work with producers BLKPRTY and BALATRON and often features in songs with his friend and fellow rapper Ragga Holm.

This is Kilo´s 4th time performing at Secret Solstice, and as usual he will be bring the ruckus! in his own words “I´m a big fat white boy rockin bangers harder then everybody  this summer”.