Kinda Super Disco [US]


Kinda Super Disco, founded in Texas with the intent to bring the highest quality artists and djs from around the world to Houston.  Hell bent on deepening the quality of the music scene and ever increasing the already diverse artistic landscape in Houston, Kinda Super Disco has been on a 4 year journey, where very few have gone before.  KSD, an eclectic event, has brought techno artist like Ian Pooley and Marc Romboy to deep and disco acts like The Juan Mclean and Ben Pearce.  The mission always being to find artist in thier favorite genre, good music.  KSD is the brain child of James Reed & Josh Dupont.  Mr. Dupont who is a Houston native and one half of the production duo Extended Play, has been a leader in the Houston dance scene for over 20 years, honing his skills, winning many accolades and using his knowledge to encourage many younger talent in Houston.  One of those younger talents was James Reed.  James, a San Francisco native who moved to Houston to join the prestigious Houston Ballet.  As a dancer James always had a huge passion for music.  When the two met in 2004 they were both personally and professionally inseparable, 8 years later KSD was born!  Kinda Super Disco, known both as an event is also recognized for the mesmerizing collaborative DJ sets between Josh and James!