Kiriyama Family

Kiriyama Family is a five piece electronic pop assembling hailing from various towns in the South Coast of Iceland. While some of the band´s members have been playing together since childhood and developing their soundscape since 2008 their debut album was released 2012. The self-titled album got great reviews in the Icelandic press and the single Weekends ended up being the “song of the year” on the national radio station Rás 2. It also broke a new record by sitting the longest time ever on the Rás 2 chart list.

Since then there have been changes in the band with the arrival of a female singer in the group and adding one member to play live shows. The band is currently recording their second LP album, which will be released spring 2015. The band is continuing to work with the sound of the 70´s and 80´s with a mixture of electro pop, R&B, and a fusion of jazz and funk.

Known to deliver an airtight live set without fault, the synth virtuosos of Kiriyama Family have acquired to a loyal audience over the past years. With their mixture of absolute effortless skill with a touch of reckless charm Kiriyama Family has firmly established itself as one of the better live acts of Iceland´s bustling music scene.