The infamous duo who go by the name KSF are a well established electronic producers and djs from the land of fire and ice, Reykjavík Iceland. They have both already made big waves within the music scene in their homeland. Being together for a number of years, their unique friendship and talent is shown throughout their music journey and production. Last summer KSF headlined at Secret Solstice Festival. Thousands of happy ticket payers witnessed the glory of KSF and why they are by far the best upcoming producers/djs to come out of the Reykjavík music dance scene today. Their sound is 2nd to none. With their melodic hip hop tracks to their up tempo electronic beats KSF gives your music taste buds a special treat every time. Working with the talented and one of the top female hip hop artist in Reykjavík, Alvia Islandia on some of their hit tracks that is blowing up all radio stations airwaves, you should know they are a force to be reckoned with. This year again KSF will be playing to the masses at Secret Solstice Festival 2015. A festival which is only in their 2nd year. From people across the world coming together as one big happy family dancing to the sounds of KSF.