Lord Pusswhip & Svarti Laxness [IS]


Lord Pusswhip is a 22 year old hip hop producer/rapper who has been taking the Icelandic hip hop scene by storm with his lush, psychedelic and confrontational sounds. Pusswhip has already produced for quite a few names in the underground rap world abroad such as Antwon, Metro Zu and Bones, as well as playing in Brooklyn with hip-hop and punk legends Dälek and Stuart Argabright. He released his debut album Lord Pusswhip Is Wack last November to critical acclaim.

Svarti Laxness is an MC hailing from Iceland who has been a part of the scene now for almost a decade. Known for sharp lyricism, he has helped shape it and influence a new generation of musicians. He’s definitely one to look out for.

Laxness and Pusswhip have been frequent collaborators for a long time – last year we saw them at Iceland Airwaves. Now they’re joining forces again for Secret Solstice, promising a very turnt-up show indeed. They will be joined by rapper Countess Malaise who is known for her collaborations with Lord Pusswhip.

Countess is quite new to the scene but is known for her strong presence. She will get louder in the future, for sure.

On decks is Alfreð Drexler, a mysterious beatmaker who is also known for an iconic Pusswhip collaboration “101 Reykjavík”, by their sideproject Psychoplasmics.