Máni Orrason [IS]


Mani Orrason is an Icelandic singer- songwriter and multi instrumentalist born In Reykjavík on the 24th of December 1997. This Christmas child was the 7th one of his parents and later to be one of 10 brothers and sisters. Brought up in a musical home, Máni soon showed interest in his to be passion in life. At the young age of 2 he moved with his family to Spain, where he has lived the greatest part of his life since then. Growing up, experimenting and playing instruments it soon came apparent that Máni had a unique musical sensitivity and talent.

Mani released his first single in the fall of 2014 here in Iceland and it went straight to the top of the National radio chart. The song, “Fed All My Days” impacted really hard on the Icelandic radio scene and got him nominated as newcomer of the year at the Icelandic Listener awards and also newcomer of the year at the Icelandic music awards. The video to “Fed all my days” was also nominated as music video of the year.

In April of 2015 Mani released his debute album via Record Records and it’s called Repeating Patterns. The album debuted at nr 3 in Iceland and since then a total of 3 singles have done good in Icelandic radio. Mani will release a new EP this summer and go on a European tour. Since Mani does not live in Iceland and spends a lot of time on the road he hasn’t played a lot of shows in Iceland so his Secret Solstice show will be one of really few shows here this year.