Masi [IS]


The dance floor is a living organism in of itself and it takes a keen sense to keep it moving, alive and ever growing. Masi has been working the Dj scene in Reykjavik since 2011 and has developed this sense to its finest.

He grew up listening to hip-hop and film scores so he has a real appreciation for deep beats in combination with atmospheric sounds. With his song selection and mixing Masi creates a space of hypnotic sounds and groovy beats where anything else but the music and the dance is forgotten.

Masi is the co-founder of a Dj collective called Vibes. He along with four other members pulled together in the summer of 2015 to bring in a new front of a dance wave into the Reykjavik club scene. This exposed him to new ways of performing and a wider range of talent to work with. The last year has been the biggest for Masi so far, with a lot more to come.