MC Bjór & Bland [IS]


MC Bjór (MC Beer) is the oddball wordsmith of the Icelandic rap game; he plays it left hand, and he plays it with a live band. MC Bjór has been brewing his craft in the underground for a while and is now foaming up to the surface. On stage he concocts a wacky word soup that is entirely his own, where surreal humour and theatrical antics are mixed with a healthy dose of irreverence for all values held dear by bourgeois society. His stream of nouns, adjectives and verbs is not confined to traditional channels and regularly overflow’s the banks of the listeners consciousness. He is inspired by the greatest minds of the 20th century such as Nate Dogg and Ol Dirty Bastard and aims to channel their brilliance to the next generation of rascals. His wit is built on the foundation of his backing band, Blandið, whose ferocious funk and fractured jazz madness produce movement in the audience hips and brains alike.