Mosi Musik [IS]


Mosi Musik is an independent band from Iceland that plays upbeat Electro Pop Music. Their music is a stylish mix of soul, hip hop, pop & R’n’B, ranging to electro beats. “They are Hit Makers, you’ll see” – Hjalti St. Kristjansson for Morgunblaðið. (“Þetta eru hittarasmiðir, sannið þið til” – Hjalti St. Kristjánsson, Morgunblaðið)

At first Mosi Musik was just one man project but the project got bigger and became a band. Joining Mosi as a lead singer for Mosi Musik is Tinna Katrín who some say can light up a stadium with her smile. Together they capture a dynamic chemistry. On bass is Frikki who is also know as “Cave Man”, Gussi takes care of tasty guitar licks and Arnar Birgis a.k.a. Addi Bongo takes care of the percussion. Together they are Mosi Musik.

Mosi Musik released their debut album “I am you are me” 25th of April 2015 and soon followed that up with a EP “I Am You Are Remix” that came out on the Iclenadic National Day the 17th of June. Along with the album 3 music videos have been released.

The band has been getting very good reviews for live shows all over: “Emotive, passionate singing. fun, upbeat, danceable…fashionable. this is epic, power disco. this is genuinely good. arnar is definitely one of the best drummers in reykjavik” – Chris Sea, Reykjavik Grapevine “The future sound of Pop Music” – Lewis Copeland Electric Lion Radio “Im am sure this band will go far, the groove and feeling is amazing. They are Hit Makers, you’ll see” – Hjalti St. Kristjansson. Airwaves’15 review for Morgunblaðið.