Par-Ðar [IS]


Welcome to the Par-Ðar party.

Par-Ðar is a new hippie vibed band that plays psychedelic rock in a unique way. Influenced by their surroundings, beauty, horrid and life. All music and all sounds affect all of us and Par-Ðar focuses on creating compositions that allows the listener to find their inner self.

The Quintet was formed in Njarðvík in 2013 though not playing a live show until 2015. Their first appearance was at “Músíktilraunir” the “Icelandic Battle of The Bands” in 2015 where they ended up winning awards for poetry, bass & drummer of the evening including the 2nd place in the competition. Ecer since, Par-Ðar have been active in playing live and are expanding their following gradually. Their first song was released at Iceland Airwaves – “I don’t know who I am”.

Par-Ðar are in the midst of recording their debut release album “Upplifun” at “Geimstein Studios” and “Studio Kærleikur” at Þingvellir.