Ragga Gröndal [IS]


Ragga Gröndal is one of those remarkable voices of Iceland. She is known for her unique blend of experimental folk and alternative sophisti-pop. By mixing ethnical and electronic sounds with improvisation, Ragga and her band produce a very poetic and atmospheric listening experience.

Ragga Gröndal is a four times winner of the Icelandic Music Awards and she is a well established artist and performer in her home country. She has released 8 solo albums, with her own material as well as 2 albums with traditional Icelandic folk songs. Throughout her career she has produced her own albums, tours and music videos and worked with many different artists, both performing songs in movies and theatre productions. Lately she has been part of the “Island Projekt” with Heinz Ratz and Strom & Wasser, a conversation between German and Icelandic musicians. Ragga is currently working on a new solo album, already having released the first album single “Yoanna”, which made it to no. 4 on the national radio Top 20 Chart.