Rob Shields [UK]


While Rob Shields’ music may sit conveniently under the ‘dance music’ banner, its emphasis lies more in the space it creates, its atmosphere and the emotions that it brings. By using delicately layered textures of live instrumentation and found sounds, the Glasgow-born, London based producer’s take on deep house and electronica is fitting as the soundtrack to daydreams and introspection, whilst also suited to accompany dancefloors and afterparties.

This focus on warmth and texture has been documented on his releases to date; the melancholic Slum Room single, the bubbling balearic Autocalm EP and most recently the dubby, slo-mo single Shards; gaining praise from artists like Maya Jane Coles, Groove Armada and Soul Clap. Words often bandied about to describe the music include “wonderfully crafted”, “beautiful” and “elegant” from DJs and producers alike.

Already Rob has performed a number of high-profile gigs including Secret Solstice in Iceland for two years running, and in the UK Secret Garden Party, Found Horror Series and Festival No. 6. 2015 also saw Rob venture into other areas of art and music; composing for an art installation in London’s Crypt Gallery, and performing on stage at the Barbican theatre with experimental Japanese band Boredoms.

With an ambitious new live show in the works, and a debut album scheduled for release early Summer, Rob is set for a very busy and exciting 2016.