RVK Soundsystem [IS]


RVK Soundsystem is a group of 7 DJs and musicans, DJ Elvar, Gnúsi Yones (from reggae band Amaba Dama), DJ Kári, Kalli Youze, DJ Cyppie, Arnljótur and Teitur from reggae band Ojba Rasta. The groups mission is to promote reggae music in Iceland and to support the before underpromoted Icelandic reggae scene. Aside from hosting their regular reggae events every month at Paloma and a reggae radio show every sunday night at FM Xtra,RVK Soundsystem also released their first 7 inch vinyl in 2015. The release includes the song “Formaðurinn” and a dub version on the flip side, both songs written by RVK Sound members Gnúsi Yones, Teitur and Arnljótur. Their DJ sets may include all forms of reggae, dub and dancehall, including guest vocalists and live instrumental performancess.