Sesar A


Sesar A, also know as the “grandfather of Icelandic hip hop”, has worked for almost three decades within all fields of the culture.

Growing up in Denmark, early eighties, he got swept into electric boogie and later graffiti. After his family moved back to Iceland, he found himself ahead of his time writing lyrics in his native language, icelandic. Together with his younger brother, Blaz Roca, they recorded their music at primitive conditions and shot videos (on VHS) to their tracks. They formed the crew “Sækópah” representing West Kópavogur, recited by them as V-Kóp. Shortly after starting to write lyrics, Sesar got into music production. He soon realized the necessity of being self-sufficient in matters of studio access and equipment.

Around after the turn of the century, he introduced icelandic record companies to his first solo demo. As the major labels rejected his music he founded, his label and production company, Boris film & audio going completely independent.

2001 he released his debut: “The Storm in the wake of the Calm”. Becoming the first rap record entirely in Icelandic. It triggered an explosion in rap in Iceland. After this the scene was dominated by lyrics in Icelandic instead of English.

In 2002 Sesar A produced the first rap compilation entirely in Icelandic called “Rímnamín”. Worked with the legendary Icelandic singer Skapti Ólafs and was thus the first to mix traditional popular music with Icelandic rap. His second album, “DoItYourself”, was releashed the same year. The title song featuring the famous Icelandic sopran diva Diddú.

While living in Barcelona, Spain he took part in founding International Family of Sound (I.F.S, The 9 members, of the group, come from 8 different countries, rapping and singing in up to 10 different languages. Their first EP “Worldwide”, was released spring 2007 and promoted through concerts with the afro cuban band “La mecanica popular”.

In 2007 he released his third solo album “Too good…”, with the cover in icelandic, english, japanese and spanish. Spaning 4 years of artistic live from Barcelona to Reykjavík. Featuring all members of I.F.S. and the most notorious icelandic mc´s.

Sesar A has worked as a producer on some of XXX Rottweiler releases, also on Blaz Rocas´ first solo album, Kópacabana, and helping Valby Bræður represent their home town Hafnarfjörður.

Sesar A is currently working on his long awaited new album “Vox populi”. To be released this summer, the first single “Láttu renna” is already available on

On Secret solstice 2015 he will be backed by the notorious Dj Kocoon along with several guests.