Shades of Reykjavik [IS]


In a reality different from yours a hip hop collective called Shades of Reykjavik was formed. Transforming from the year 2011 into what they are today has led them to you.

This is a group comprised of Prins Puffin, the illusive godlike creature rapping, Elli Grill, the mesmerizing elf-like being rapping, emmiBeats, the alluring spectral producer rapping, HBridde, the ethereal producing alien, Geimgengill, the ghastly ghost producer and Lunarscape, the eerie alien dinosaur grasping your attention. Within the years of their professional career they have released over 20 music videos and released a debut album under their own label. Together they create new- age rap and hip hop with a melodic and spacey atmosphere.