Stefán Karel [IS]


Stefán Karel is a young, aspiring artist from Iceland. Most of the tracks he creates are kind of turn up type of tracks mixed with bone flow. Stefán started making music in 2009,but he did not release anything back then. He started actually releasing music in 2014 where he came up with the single “Línudans”. He gave out the single and a music video with it that was shot in Downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. Later in 2015 Stefán gave out 2 more singles with music videos that were highly successful. Stefán at the moment is no more then 20 years old, But is still having a lot of success. Stefán also likes to think he’s bringing new type of rap style into Iceland. In the summer of 2016, Stefán is going to release his first mixtape. Stefán likes to rap about his lifestyle and the way him and his crew like to live. People like to think of him the Icelandic Future/Migos.