Sturle Dagsland


“An adventurous spirit, a unique sound and an irrefutable intensity… The music has a primitive and ethereal feeling. It’s dark, disruptive, astonishing and groundbreaking…They cannot be categorized, because they sound like nothing that already exists.” – The Wall. “It’s rare to find a song that sounds so different, so unusual and so appealing all at once. It occurred to me at one point that this might be what poking your head into an alien nightclub sounds like.” – “Suddenly, heavenly sounds appeared from the stage. “Who the heck is this?” I wondered, gazing in vain for the incredible woman voice I thought I heard” – “Sturle Dagsland does not leave anyone feel indifferent, turning their concerts into a wild brutal apocalypse” – Asociación Cultural Somos Arte “The spectacularly unhinged Wardenclyffe Aquarium – sounds the scoring of an irrevocable mental breakdown. Beautiful as it is discombulating, crime thriller squeals meet with martial rattles, bursts of carnivalesque fanfare and ephemeral moments of acoustically affected respite to make for the wildest few minutes of this, or indeed any week. For you’ll hear nothing quite like it all year” – Dots and Dashes Sturle Dagsland consists of the Norwegian brothers Sturle & Sjur. In live situations they alternate at playing on an array of instruments including spacedrum, waterphone, clarinet, trumphet, accordion, sheng, harp, electronics, computers, guitar, vocals, homemade instruments, ++ In 2012 they won the “L Factor – Emerging Artist 2012” in Copenhagen, and they have toured extensively all over Europe ever since..