The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019



Have you ever traced the steps of a volcanic eruption? Or walked along paths that once flowed with lava? We want to give you that once in a lifetime experience to journey inside the Lava Tunnel with the Secret Solstice Festival. Last year we sold out and this year securing a spot inside this rare natural beauty is just as coveted. You’ll need to snag your tickets quickly before it’s too late.



For the last couple of years we have hosted intimate gigs inside Raufarhólshellir as part of our many unique festival music experiences. Last year saw the addictive energy of singer, Ása  and her distinctive, seductive vocals float through the lava walls with every song. If the caves were a bit chilly, her sweet tones made us feel all warm and cuddly inside.


Ása will also be performing in Secret Solstice 2018 but this time in Gimli.


Helgi Björnsson graced us with his breathy crooning vocals so when you closed your eyes, it was like being at one with the universe. The surroundings make you connect with the music like you have never felt before. The echoes of artist Högni sent shivers down our spines with his thick, godly voice. The artist picks for The Lava Tunnel 2018 concerts will be just as epic.



When you walk back through the tunnels after an evening of heightening your musical senses, it will feel like you’re walking through the middle of the earth to be greeted by the endless sunlight and perhaps a deeper understanding of why you just have to be a part of our festival…where the sun never sleeps.


The Lava Tunnel is  presented by 66°North

Purchasing a ticket to Secret Solstice presents The Lava Tunnel does not provide entry to the Secret Solstice Festival and is considered a separate ticket. 


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