ThismeansWAR! [NO]


Growing up in a family of jazz musicians in Oslo, ThismeansWAR got an early start fiddling with synthesizers and drum machines in his dads studio. When he got his sticky fingers on a Casio FZ-1 sampler at age eleven his fate as a music geek was sealed. Despite his early meeting with electronic music, his biggest love and native scene growing up was punk and hardcore. But after being introduced to the sound of artists like Tech Itch and Dieselboy in early 2001 he realized that electronic music could be just as incendiary. As a mashup-artist his focus is on live performance, working out of Ableton Live with an array of midi controllers. Instead of the traditional DJ-approach, ThismeansWAR! comes at us from the geeky mashup-scene where turntables are replaced with joysticks and foot pedals and the classic mixing of one track to the other is replaced by the anarchistic sound of tunes being treated as samples – chopped up, looped and re-arranged.