Þórunn Antonía [IS]


Þórunn Antonía is an Icelandic singer/songwriter, TV presenter, actress, womens rights activist, mother, sister… basically a multitalented jack-of-all trades.

Despite her young age she’s left a lasting impression on the Icelandic entertainment scene and society in general. Her early career consisted mainly of acting including voice acting in cartoons and from there she’s worked in entertainment around the world from Iceland to the United Kingdom and United States.

She’s done a wide array of music projects ranging from indie to folk to pop. She was a member of indie duo The Honeymoon, toured the world with Junior Senior, was a member of acclaimed indie electronic outfit Fields, a part of art collective Thenewno2 that Dhani Harrison created with guest singers such as Þórunn herself, Regina Spector and Ben Harper and even did a record with Beck for his record club where they did a cover of Velvet Undergrounds and Nicos record in one day which Nigel Godrich recorded.

Nowadays she makes enchanting pop music and her newest project which is premiered at Secret Solstice is a haunting crossover of hiphop influenced electronica beats and sweetly sung vocals.

Definitely an act you don’t want to miss!