Tusk [IS]


The band TUSK was formed after Pálmi Gunnarsson, a well known singer and bassplayer from the Icelandic pop scene, got drummer Birgir Baldursson, guitarist Eðvarð Lárusson and super talented piano player Kjartan Valdemarsson, to do a gigg for the jazzclub Múlinn. They met at the venue not really knowing what they wanted to play, but decided to do well known standards with a twist.

Back in the 90´s Eðvarð and Birgir had been involved in all-improvised music and soon the two started pushing their agenda of free form gigging. When playing at a music festival in Nuuk, Greenland, in October 2013, the decision was made and the band became impro all the way.Since then the band has followed the path of free-form playing where no two gigs are alike, every song composed on the spot, never to be played again.