Valby Bræður [IS]


The Valby Brothers are prodigies, the Sons of God, consisting of two Irish/Icelandic half-brothers, with an unorthodox past. Growing up, they spent some time in Denmark and some time on this dark, remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called Iceland. Their tongue-twisting rap flow was mastered whilst surfing the highest recorded wave in that very ocean, and their unbelievable rap skills were forged in the depth of Mount Hekla. The Brothers’ story is a known saga in Iceland, which tells the tale of how they made the Great Pyramids of Giza, backed up by the claim that they are the sons of Thor and Odin.

Valby Bræður are fighting their way up the
Icelandic hip hop syndicate ranks. Creating a new saga, similar to the brothers Connor and Murphy McManus of the Boondock Saints, when they take on the Russian mafia and gun it out, against all odds (like Tupac one said), with DJ Danni Croax as our Rocco “Mr. Funnyman”. The best way to take on any kind of Mafia is to form your own, so we formed the 33MOB Crew and initiated a lot of the baddest mothafuckers.