Valby Bræður [IS]

Valby Bræður are Icelandic gods and brothers, the sons of Odin, born in Valhalla. They wear only the finest Italian silks, and solely eat grass fed cows that get massages while drinking beer and listening to classical music. They’ve been evident on the Midgard scene ever since their first single “Hafnarfjarðapeppin”. Valby Bræður have opened for artists like Hopsin, R.A The Rugged Man, and Afro, and have worked with Blaz Roca and Sesar A (who are considered by many to be the god and grandfather of Icelandic rap). Their style varies from old school to new school trap with thumping bass. Valby Bræður promise to bring the raps of the gods! Lightning and booming bass!