Young M.A [US]


Brooklyn’s history as a bastion of progressive, young hip-hop talent, both past and present, remains unchallenged with the entrance of 24-year old Young M.A into the musical arena; a female voice whose work manifests itself as a triumphant reminder of music’s ability to uplift.

The Brooklyn MC has been exploring her talents since the age of nine, but her undeniable skills were first shared with a major audience in 2014, when her “Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle)” video began garnering more than one-million views on YouTube. In a valiant example of spiritual determination, Young M.A chose not to give credence to the original source of the video – a cynical detractor who shared the video along with his negative and hateful commentary – and now the visual is basking in more than 6.7 million hits.

Young M.A is stepping out of the realm of viral sensation and into bona fide artistry, beginning with her latest release ‘SleepWalkin,’ and her current smash single, “OOOUUU,” which is RIAA certified 3x platinum. The hit record has amassed 68 million SoundCloud streams and 178 million YouTube plays. M.A is receiving national radio attention, with 85,436 spins to date and the #1 most Shazam’d record in several markets, including NYC. With the record tearing up the clubs, she’s seen support from the likes of Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, 50 Cent, LaLa, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mills, Jim Jones, French Montana, FunkFlex, amongst others championing the record. It’s no wonder Billboard, Vogue, MTV, The Fader, Complex, The NY Times Magazine, Rolling Stone & Revolt recently named her a top artist to watch in 2017 and why The Fader chose to have M.A grace the cover for their March issue.

Those closest regard her talents as extending beyond music; skills recognized by Oscar-nominated ‘Precious,’ director, Lee Daniels and Grammy-winning producer Swizz Beatz, who strongly recommended M.A for a role on Daniels’ sensational, award-winning television show ‘Empire.’ With an eye on her music career, Young M.A respectfully opted out of involvement.

Guided by her profound faith, the burgeoning artist represents RedLyfe (Repent Every Day), a movement driven by a higher purpose, but embodied by those, like Young M.A herself, who aim to rise above the trivial and focus on individuality. Openly lesbian and proud in her identity, Young M.A’s own personal growth is certainly a source of great inspiration. Childhood experiences playing football with the boys provided her with an early exercise in toughness, while the horrific shooting death of her brother at a painfully young age was an overwhelming tragic loss that she has used as the inspirational undercurrent for the creation of RedLyfe, in what is a powerful revelation of fortitude.