The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Children at Solstice Will Have a Blast

Secret Solstice and Kátt á Klambra childrens festival team up for the second time!

Children and families will have plenty of activities to choose from during the 2018 Secret Solstice Music Festival. As ever, entrance for children of 10 years or younger is free of charge when accompanied by their parents or guardian( parent or guardian must be over 18). We have collaborated with Kátt á Klambra, a children’s activities company, to make sure our schedule is packed full of fun so all children will have a blast. 

This includes family yoga, a children’s rave party and a short masterclass in the noble profession of beatboxing. The same goes for bubble-blowing and a range of activities such as circuit challenges, puzzles and a special teddybear area for the youngest of our festival goers. Jóna Elísabet Ottesen of Kátt á Klambra,“We do an annual children’s festival each July and this time we are adding one at Secret Solstice. These festivals have been a huge success for the children and their parents alike. We did one at Solstice last year to huge acclaim.” 

Scrumptious food for children will also be available and even something sweet, candyfloss, popcorn and ice cream. For those interested, some temporary tattoos will definitely bring smiles to faces or a colourful face paint in all the colours of the rainbow to brighten the day. 

The children’s area will be open from 1-8 pm on Friday and 12-8 pm on Saturday and Sunday . Legendary 10 year old rapper Góði Úlfurinn will perform on Saturday and will no doubt bring about his legions of fans. Jóna encourages everyone to join as it could be the young performer’s last gig in Iceland for a while. “His family is moving abroad so this should not be missed! We also have a confetti-rave party for kids and a children’s disco. So there will definitely be some dancing.” 

So bring your children and all their friends to the Kid’s area at Secret Solstice 2018 for a weekend of exciting activities and treats.

For information on Secret Solstice Festival Passes please use the link below

Secret Solstice Festival Pass information
Secret Solstice Festival Pass information

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