The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Elli Grill [IS]

Elli Grill is known for his unique style in music and lyrics that makes the elves and hidden folk doubt their existence.
He has amongst other things, released a song with the Indian pop princess, Leoncie and been selected as the album of the year at the Kraum awards last year for, Pottþétt Elli Grill. According to some music gurus he reminds us most of Neil Armstrong’s first trip to the moon and his stage performance can only be likened to some kind of an octopus monster.
Elli Grill has now been joined by LaFontaine and Baalatron and together they front one of the most successful “boy bands” in the world with only one objective…to throw the best party any person will ever witness. So get ready to be a witness.

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